Carie is a Calgarian and has never lived anywhere else. She attended College in Northern Alberta. Carie’s mom likes to say she grew up with animals in her veins as she was always drawn to animals of any kind. Not many days would go by where she wasn’t bringing some critter home that needed some extra TLC. From her early days Carie’s dream was to own her very own pets and to give them the very best of the best care. Upon being old enough to help take the family pets to see, Carie started asking questions and became fascinated with the vet industry. One of the RVTs at the family clinic got her started on her path and when she graduated as an RVT she got to work in that very same clinic!

Fast forward many years, a husband, two sons, and several pets later (currently an Irish Wolfhound, and a rescue MUTT) and Carie is beyond thrilled to have landed a coveted spot at the Cornerstone Square Veterinary Hospital. She absolutely loves the entire team, the animals and the clients. Her favourite part about Veterinary medicine that she truly believes in and strives to preserve is the bond created between animal and human. When she isn’t at work she can be found hiking with the dogs, at home reading, or doing whatever her family needs! Oh, and gardening…she loves to garden too!