Behavioural Counselling

The test of good manners sometimes is being patient with bad ones. On your own, managing your pet’s behavioural issues can be overwhelming and challenging. You don’t have to go through it alone. Our team can help you manage your pet’s behaviour and find healthier ways to express themselves. To book an appointment for a behavioural counselling session for your pet, call us at 403-242-0045.

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How do I know if my pet needs behavioural counselling?

Pets can misbehave sometimes, and that’s okay. But if you notice your pet’s behaviour becoming disruptive, hard to manage or harmful to others, this may be a sign to reach out for professional help. Your pet’s behaviour might also indicate an underlying health issue that we can help diagnose. Preventative medicine is the best kind of medicine. If you notice a change in your pet’s behaviour for an extended amount of time, please bring them in to see one of our veterinarians. 

What are the signs of problematic behaviour?

You know your pet best. You know when they need that extra bit of attention or when something isn’t right. Not all pets show the same signs of problematic behaviour, and it can vary from pet to pet. Some common behavioural issues pets may exhibit include:

  • Excessive barking, biting, or pacing
  • Increased aggression towards other animals or people
  • Excessive peeing or soiling
  • Excessive grooming or scratching

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